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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

Sweet, a couple of things though...

Fun game, but there's some serious problems. First, the bullet takes to long to hit Jar Jar, I can never get the one's in the back. Second, I ended up going into a frenzy and shooting my ass off, but I ended up only missing 11 shot. C'mon, I know I missed more than that, it just didn't count it because the bullet was still flying when I shot again, creating anothir bullet and rendering the previous one uselss. Good Effort, I want more.

I Love Jar Jar

Ok, I camped outside of the movie theater for 2 months to see Episode 1. JAR JAR RULES!!!

I am the greatest!!!!

I killed 52 and missed 8 muthafucka!!!

Fast, Funny, and it's been too long a wait...

This ting is HELL funny. Kudos to the creators. Great animation, good sound, great gameplay, and good for all those JarJar hater out there (everyone on the planet except George Lucas).

One thing though... if not beyond the realm of shockwave, an acuracy rating?

finally no more gungans!!

lallallaa great game make more!!