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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"


Die, JarJar, Die!!

Absolutely splat tastic

Huhm. jar jar binks is a retarded long tounged twat who has recieved his long overdue punishment

kissa misa ASS

best part of the whole game, pretty good, mindless entertainment, the sounds for when you miss jarjar are pretty funny

Great for a while, but generally good

its a great game theres no doubting it, but i hope there will be a sequel, it needs more levels, more bonus's, and it needs more bright shineing lights for stoners like me, but its definitly good work


do u guys digg ööööååååäääää well well that game whas fuck up fun i love it 10 one thing that noysy litlle retered guy is hard to shot sorry about the misses barn i backen se upp i backen