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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

Needs Faster Bullets

Everything was good, except the bullets, they go too slow, good job though

crap needs improvements

dude it sucked the bullets are too slow and it needs more gore kool cancept though if anyone is reading this tell me if my review was unjustified

That was so Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could go on a rant all about how crappy Jar Jar Binks made Star Wars but all I have to say is two words about this flash..........................................BOBA FETT


ooooh if only it could be longer!! What a wonderful game, Ive become some what addicted lol JarJar ruined star wars so it's oh so exteamly satisfying spraying his guts lol. Maybe you should add more annoying characters to it like the singing CGI green alien from jabba's palace in the re-vamped return of the jedi!

of all the contreversy...

As much as I think jar jar rocks (every flick needs a comic relief and/or plot device anyway), i think this game was well-done. you can't beat a classic sound combined with things that you'd expect jar jar to say when he's drunk or stoned!!!! By the way, jar jar, DOES rock, so don't blame me if 'teh_dAgRoN' screwed the family chicken one too many times last sunmmer before submitting his review.