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Reviews for "Tron Samurai"

love it.

You've taken an established concept/style(tron) and run with it to create something new and interesting. Keep it up!


Perfect re-imagining of a samurai tron-style, love the colors, the lines, the pose is pretty damn awesome too.

THe obvious next step would be a tron ninja but that's too obvious, a tron-pirate now that would kick ass.

Anyways cheers to you man.

Nihon Banzai!

Okay then. You've Tron-itized a samurai. Good show. Now, make make a Tron Aku (from Samurai Jack) fighting a Tron Samurai Jack and then I'll be . . . even more impressed than I already am.


Superb form. Excellent blend of vague form with distinct detail. I just freaking love it. What else can I say without sounding like an insincere sycophant?

Forever keep the Art Portal awesome!


this is awesome i wish this was in a game

this looks awesome i envy your art skills. it looks even better with the no face thing so cool.
also a friend of mine wanted me to ask you to make tron spartan.

SuperKusoKao responds:

By Spartan you mean one from Halo? I could probably do that. I've already drawn Isaac Clarke from Dead Space so I guess I could add that to my collection of Tronnifying things.

I spy a tetrimino. :D

Love it. Almost all of it. The only thing I'm bothered by (a small something) is the rope. If this were any other science fiction drawing, I'd let it slide. The rope just doesn't have that Tron feel. The braid looks like something a user brought over. I'm just assuming that the samurai is only one of many "samurai" programs because of the omission of the face. Let me know if I'm wrong here (before your other fans rip me to shreds).

But again, other than the rope, I love it. The helmet retains the samurai feel, but the almost-straight horns and the little flaps sticking out at the side make it believable. The blade hilt is simple, conforming to the rest of the samurai's design, while the blade has that faint energy glow. (Maybe less definition on the blade's grooves would make it reminiscent of the discs.)

What I love most of all though is the banner, especially how it's almost independent from the banner pole, but the pole's still present. The four darker pixels at the top of the flag also reminded me of the t-shaped tetrimino from Tetris. One of the best Easter eggs one could include in a Tron piece.

In short, I'm now a fan. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to more. :)