Reviews for "Tron Samurai"


You made an awesome job. The most impressive part are the blue neon lights,the Samurai outfit looks a little bit unfinished, but still it lokks great. A very fine design


I love samurai's, but not so much tron. I DO like the new movies colored suits, so I absolutely dig this pic. REAAAAALLY dig the sketchy style. Especially that rear leg you put out of context. Good sh!t. KIC.

Tron's Armor

"I am protector of the users!"


:D HECK YEAH! When I saw the neon blue lights on this character, on the front page, it just teased at TRON, and it was! :D
Buut..I don't mean to be a troll or anything, but for me, Tron was great because of its simplicity :-) The details and everything on the samurai, kinda bites away at the spirit of Tron :P
Buut..hey, it's still an AWESOME piece of work, buddy! :D
*Hight-5! :D Haha


You've just made the most awesome character iv'e ever seen. I'm pretty serious about it .