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Reviews for "Tron Samurai"


good drawing dud, would like moar of that kind of stuf on art portal :D

submit this to deviantart!

lots of people there are gonna like it and if your to lazy to creat an account for deviantart IL DO IT (you will give you credits)

SuperKusoKao responds:

Yeah, um. I've already submitted this to deviantart. It's been up there since February 12.


fucking brilliant

great idea and execution mate this is top notch i love samurais and japanese mythology excellent piece!!!

got an idea

the two last guys said ¨make a ninja¨ and the other one say ¨make it red¨ so why dont you make a red ninja with red kunais fighting with a guy that trows shurikens. that would be awesome well at least when i imagine it in my mind evading all the shurikens and killing a guy :3

another one

very nice bro,i really like glowing katanas.make another one but make it a ninja