Reviews for "Tron Samurai"

.... And then i jizzed. in. my pants.

Naw not really, but this was awesome! Either his back arm & leg are in the shadows, or this isn't the complete picture ;D. I could care less, I like it actually.

oh and to the comment wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down there, i think by spartan he means Greek Spartan. That would make the ten minutes of my life that I would spend looking at it. Gold n' Red baby :D

SuperKusoKao responds:

Yeah I was also thinking the Greek/Roman guys. But hey, wouldn't hurt to do both.


Fantastic, excellent piece of art. Looks like it jumped right out of the XBLA game Outland. (You should check out some screenshots of that game - before reading the title/description I actually thought this was Outland fanart!)


I love it, this is right up my street, i hope to see more from you soon. And as a potentional idea for you to tronify. i know some said a spartan, but how about a spartan and an elite? with energy swords, i thought that might look pretty good.

pretty sweet



Wow man!
It's very awesome! thanks for uploading