Reviews for "When Gods Do Battle (full)"


This full version was really cool.

I really like the syncopated percussion and all the different rythmes you have going...
When You repeat the main melody around 1:00 You could do alittle bit of more variation. When its only the horns I really liked the chord change at 1:47...
The next section with the harp was very nice, I liked the melody.
However, I did find when the guitars come in it was a bit jarring. (Took me by suprise.) But then I did find the contrast very cool with the previous sections. Being fans of both heavy music and classical, I enjoyed it very much!

masterjiji responds:

thanks. i think of this song like the duel between powerful enemies. when the harp first comes in, you think the good guy is dead. but he gets back up and creams the other guy when the guitars come in.

just a thought.