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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"

Awesome game!

This game was awesome! and i only got one thing ta say to you people who are complaining bout the monkey game...ITS F*ING EASY!...you guys must really suck...i got about 550,000 after about 10 min of playing it...hahaha...and also...the game was really well made.

Very hot chicks!

I like your franks adventure games. Please keep sending them in. I liked how you could fish to get some money. But the whole betty thing was a nightmare. I thought the girl that sold fishing stuff was very hot. U should put her in a nude pic.

Awesome game

People the monkey game isnt that hard. It took me several tries yes, but it is possible, I got 200,000 + poins on it just keep trying.. the only thing I cant do is figure out what to about the missing girl who went to the dolphin show... and the girl with the missing bracelet... well I havent given up yet, I am going to keep looking.... if you know... could you tell me?

ohh btw GREAT GAMES! I loved the entire series!


I though part 1 and 2 were great but 3 really topped it all. Great looking girls. Getting nude pics of chicks would probably be my ideal job for the rest of my life.

holy fuck

this is the best game on newgrounds i have played.
if ur stuck and need mony i have sum hints.
. wen u start buy a fishing rod and a strong mosquito bait first.
.go fish at the litehouse
.catch the blue stripe fish , ull need 5 (this is all the mony ull need in the game).
.go 2 the dolphin place and fish in the pool. get the bracelet down the bottom
.go 2 kirby and sell 4 of ur fish 4 mony, and get the other made in2 a meal.
u should now have tonnes of mony! 8^)