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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"


i gave the game a zero, because even though some parts were interesting, your monkey game blowed and had a bunch of bugs in it, hard to control, and also, TOO DAMN HARD! when you play a flash game, you shouldn't have to spend 20 minutes to try and beat a little thing. waste of time. if i want to play something that takes time, i'll just play my final fantasy...

This game sucks

This game sucks because i have to score over 100000 points to get a pic . The dunb monkey doesn't jump right and the other one is fine but i can never get the fuel and the reload right. Why in the hell is it this way?

Not Loading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is crap dude my comp loads it half way then it stops


monkey's game is pure crap and very dificult

No stars at all because of the stupid monkey game