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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"

You know what

this is the second time i get stuck
after collectin 5 of the 6 pics.
thats why interactivity is 1.
1 time when i got stuck on the small iland and 1 time i got stuck in the yatch.


Man...........dunno what to say,greatest game ever, not cause ima pervert but cause i love it, but in frank's adventure 4 don't make an annoying game like moneky dude that annoyed the shit outta me, but it's not that hard as ppl say u just need practice, ppl just try to jump the hoops that's the most important.can wait till pt 4!


i don't know man frank's adventure gets better and better. if u make another 1 they would have to put a 20 at the overall cause i will be the bomb


go to the dolphin show and go fishing there, its in the bottom right corner. BTW, great game, cant wait until next FA.

(P.S. Wheres the uploader thing?)


Awesome game cant wait till f.a. 4!

Some Hints for begginners are...

Easy money: Go to the place where you rent the yahght, and at the bottom-right corner, facing down press f and fish some blue striped grunts(you need a fishing rod and the most expensive bait at the fishing store)and then you go to Kirby's diner and either get a meal or get money(2250 dollars for each blue strped grunt)

Bracelet: At the Dolhin show, bottom right hand corner. then give to girl and get pic.

Coke: buy two grams there is a girl on da bridge dat wants sum and a girl near a lighthouse that wants sum. You get 2 pics.

Blue striped grunt:See Easy money up first before continueing to read... then go to the girl and give her meal. You get a pic.

Cat: rent a yahght, and go straight down to island. Get through maze and get spade and herb. Go back and then go to the grave, and use spade. Then go to voodoo shop and give herb, then give dead cat. She will revive it. Then bring it to girl and get a pic.

Amusement: go to amusement place. Go to the far right machine and press a. play until u get at least 100,000. Exit game and go to man. You will get a pic.

Transmtter: go to the voodoo shop. Don not enter but go to the left on the sand. then go up into the next screen. You will see a stone creature. Walk up to it and press its right eye(your right)then go to ur pics and upload them(this takes forever). Then the aliens give you a big Dick.

I have just basically, no wait not basically, i did lead you through the game so UR WEWLCOME!