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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"


This game was easy just jump through the hoops and make sure you go through them and once you get 14 hoops in a row just die purposally until your done and you get the pic...Also i can't wait for the next one and the dead cat can be revived by a herb on the south island. Cant wait for number 4 and the game takes 20 mins to do


Best one yet, excluding all the bugs and typos(you gud up a dead cat), and it being soo damn hard! anyway, like i said, HAIL WIESI! Cant wait for #4!


I love the monkey game and my high score in over 550,000 and if u don't belive me well o well and Im really happy u fixed alot of the bugs GREAT JOB MAN!!!

Best Flash Game I have ever played...

This is by far one of the best flash games I have ever played. I was just wondering how old are you and where did you learn how to program in flash (i'm trying to learn). Anyways what a great addition to a fantastic series. Can't wait for the forth game!!! Also I was wanted to talk with everyone on newgrounds, about having a competition on who can get the highest score in the monkey game!!! Anyways, GREATEST GAME EVER and keep up the good work!!!

Wiesi is the man...

..but he needs to try a bit more originality. Fishing is new and cool, but try it or the arcade game (the monkey one) and then try any of his OTHER submissions, and you'll notice not a lot of new material. The game is even easier than his other frank's adventures, even the cheap lesbian rip off. I just beat it for my second time, and probably set a speed record of 5 minutes (or about that...). I would like to hear of anybody that beat my monkey game record though, i just scored 12 BILLION points on it! Tha's right folks, 12 BILLION! I'm giving this game a 5 cus i love Wiesi's stuff, and cus i want more frank's adventures, but try to up the originality of it, and REALLY up the difficulty. Way too easy, man.

P.S. You need to correct the message that pops up when you get the cat. You spelt a crucial word in that message backwards. :)