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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"


I can't get that last picture! Where do I find that stupid little missing girl? And I can't find that damn fish for that chick with white hair either. Someone please help!
Are you supposed to pass the game with only 5 pictures?

TIP FOR FA4 ~ Also heres something that you can do in FA4: with every picture that you get you should also be given a code incase you have to close the game. So that the next time you start you can just enter the code and continue from where you left off.


dude that was so freakin.... awesome.... im renderd speachless.. So awesome man.. Keep up the good work.

yeah that was a great one

it was a great game until i got stuck in a corner on the beach


that was a great game. I think the monkey game that everyone complains about was a challange, cause I beat it. it wasn't that hard, I just had to know when to single jump and when to double jump. after a while, I got the hang of it, got as many points as I needed, then waited for the time to run out so I would win, just to make sure. I can't wait for frank's fourth adventure. maybe he'll get laid.

Holy Crap!

Once again Wiesi doesn't fail to absolutely astound me. Each game he does just gets better and better and better. If you're looking for more of his works, I ENCOURAGE you to please visit his website. He has an endless amount of top quality flash on his site. After looking through his flash movies for 2 hours, I gave up because I could not reach the end of the amount of flash movies he's made. Kudos my friend...your games always make my day. =]