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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"


Man this was the best game ever but their is a glich i beat the game without all the pictures

This Game is the kings Of kings(best of best (Etc)

I couldnt beat this game but its awesome.Good job
I look foward to the 4th one.

My Monkey Dude Score was 1253162270!
I was trying So hard to beat it but then before i knew it i had that much.

By the way how do you get money to buy the yatch?
Can somebody answer this in a review?PLEASE???

dude this is kik ass

why do ppl keep sayin the munky game is hard? its fuckin easy as hell. but u should make more. like keep makin them till u die of old age. lol jk. but that'd be funny to see an old man at the computer makin porno games. lol. keep makin them dude


This is a great game. It combines Un-Understandable Japanese music, seemingly endless amounts of cocain, and the ability of one man (Frank) to become known WORLDWIDE, and ovviously Plantwide, as the porn king. Anyway... for those of you who don't already know, here's a hint... In order to make some money other than the Slots, GO fishing. ^_~

I love the game

I love the game but it constantly crashes maby U could improve it and make it run smoother..
Other than that it's A kick ass series....