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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"

im not worthy of such a great game

o my gosh those girls were bangen i loved all 3 of them but im stuck on this one doyou have a faq or something if you u do tell me any way please tell me your going to make 10 more

a question..

how do you do the dead cat part? she doesnt give an option to ressurect the cat.. and im assuming the cat is MIMI.. so can any1 post a reply to tis pleeease! also the firthers bottom left pic is the best one there ;)


Hey I actuallly beat the monkey-thingy. Great ending by the way. Cant wait till number 4 comes out!

The Best

My fav of the series. keep it up and i hope you make more of them. Frank is a PLAYA!!!!!!!


This game rules! And could anyone plz tell me the name of the Song D of the music menue? Coz it just rlz (AHahaha u ppl that say that J-Pop rlz i say one thing: Stop drinkin too much... J-POP RLZ AND END OF TOPIC)