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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"


holy shit dude....that was an awsome game but ya....u need 2 make the monkey game a lil harder or increase the score...or both - nice girls and very good tasks - keep making em!

Frank adventures rocks :P

I like this game alot.. but i hate when there is a bug that stops the game when im going to get the cat.. i have never gotten it before.. i have just gotten the 5 of 6 pics. but can someone get me a program.. i wanna make animations and games :D

Wiesi is the man...

..but he needs to try a bit more originality. Fishing is new and cool, but try it or the arcade game (the monkey one) and then try any of his OTHER submissions, and you'll notice not a lot of new material. The game is even easier than his other frank's adventures, even the cheap lesbian rip off. I just beat it for my second time, and probably set a speed record of 5 minutes (or about that...). I would like to hear of anybody that beat my monkey game record though, i just scored 12 BILLION points on it! Tha's right folks, 12 BILLION! I'm giving this game a 5 cus i love Wiesi's stuff, and cus i want more frank's adventures, but try to up the originality of it, and REALLY up the difficulty. Way too easy, man.

P.S. You need to correct the message that pops up when you get the cat. You spelt a crucial word in that message backwards. :)


i can get all the pics but weres the thing you send the to the things at?


The hardest part was that monkey game damn it took me forever for me to beat it. The sad part is that I only got 4 pics didnt know how to find the other 2! DAMNIT >:(