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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"

Nice game.....pics of real chicks next time???

Overall it roks...

MONKEY FUCKHEADS *music with it*

that monkey game is bull.....

this game is really good.

i liked this game, and I think that if you liked the first 2 you'll like this one.

cool game

Like i said cool game just on small problem I HATE FISH fishing selling, selling fishing,fishing selling,selling fishing,selling, selling fishing,fishing selling,selling fishing.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH anyways kewl game keep up the good work!

As good as the others

Another great Frank game. Looking forward to see what he does with his new equipment.

This one got a little monotonous. The previous Franks didn't make you do the same thing over and over to make money, run to a store, sell things, and repeat. But compared to the previous two, this one was also a lot more interactive, with more things to do. The music selection was had a definite Japanese stilt this time. The girls were pretty hot as far as pixels are concerned. Great graphics. I also enjoyed the fact that this Frank had some things that took a small amount of thought to figure out, compared to the previous ones' obvoius solutions.