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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"

wow.. i AM an idiot

Man the whole thing was easy... i found the bracelet easily (fish in the dolphin place). the grunt i found near the light house.. then took it to kirbys to fry it up. kept fishin those grunts to sell for 2k+... easy cash.cocaine ones were a snap dawg. getting the herb was a lil frustrating.. and i couldnt freakin find that chicks sister! i was spending like an hour looking for this crazy lil kid... then i was so bored i went into the amusement thingy and got alot of points on this monkey game or sumthing... cuz when i tried to leave i accidently walked into the prof... then when i went to upload pics i had an extra one... go figure eh?.. anyways sweet game man!

this game is cool

i really like this game but couldnt get the dolphin show or the bracelet

heeeeeeeeeeeey someone answer :)

great game pretty kool but wtf dude i cant find the bitch whos missing from the dolphin place or the other sluts bracelet theres a house down by the lighthouse it has a door...cant enter tho, again nice :)

This stuff is pretty goood!

It just needs to work on a few left-outs. Meaning for example: After you get 10'000 at the mokey game, the professor won't give you the nude pic. It just says the same thing


Once again franks adventures have corrupted Americas youth.God bless you kind people.