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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"

Where is the Chick litele siser

Great game make mor and where is the little sister?

Worse one! arcade crap in this game

What kind of dating sim game has a nearly impossible to all but a few arcade game in it! and such a ridiculously high score required also to do it. Dumb real dumb.. go back to the tried and true 1 and 2.


how do u get the last pic from that chick that likes that fish meal thing???


Great great great great game! I can't really see anything wrong with it, and the arcade game is EASY! You just need to get the flow of the monkey. =P Controls are good (I'm a laptop user, buttons = better), graphics are AWESOME! (You made them all in flash, d00d? Fuckin' genius!), completely interactive, a neat, completely original series, and the crack people are funneh. xD

One question, though- what do you do at the voodoo shop? o_o I gave the cat-girl the herb and she said she would grant me a wish, but I don't get how to tell her what I want as a wish. Argh. ><


ok so far this has been ur best one yet. the monkey game was a bit tricky and hard as fucking hell but once u beat it its well worth it. and buying the yoght took a while but still it fuckin ruled and i cant wait for number 4