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Reviews for "My Love"

Great Song!

I really liked it, very soothing and enjoyable by anyone. It sounds very professional and is perfect for relaxation. Just one complaint. The hiccup-y sounds from about 0:00-0:07, 1:15 to 1:18 and then again 1:52-2:07 just killed the mood. It was a real easy going song and that just made it seem like a disturbance.

Soundshifter responds:

thanks for your honest opinion, i'm glad you enjoyed it for the most part. :)

Sounds like elevator music

That saying, isn't a bad thing at all. I really like the song.
I really don't like the scatting, to me...it sounded like an annoying metronome set on 1/8th time.
Other than that, it's a great song.

Soundshifter responds:

well thanks for the honest review. i;m glad you enjoyed it :)


i wuvs this song

Soundshifter responds:

thanks :)


Just that, yeah.

Soundshifter responds:



If i was in a tropical place, sitting in a beach chair, in the evening, surrounded by beautiful waitresses... This would be the music playing in the background ... :)

Soundshifter responds:

haha yes! wonderful. thanks for listening.