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Reviews for "My Love"

Can't Stop

If you made a looping version, I would play it non-stop for possibly the rest of my life. Until I got sick of it by so much, that I throw my computer out the window and hit some dude in the eye with it, which will obviously stop the song. But that'd be a long time of me listening to it. Sweet shit.

Soundshifter responds:

hahaha thanks a lot man. very amusing response :) i would do the same. i've abandoned many of my early tracks solely because i listened to them to much. thanks for listening :)


Mate, sweet sound! I liked you instrumentation, btw did you used reason on it? to sample midi? I remeber that violin sound.

keep up!

Soundshifter responds:

no. i use digital performer for producing. the bass and guitars were real and live. the rest were sounds from my Logic bank the drums were from MOTU's Ethno Instruments bundle. thanks for listening :)


Really enjoyable. Great job!!!^^

Soundshifter responds:

thanks :)


pretty damn sexy song

Soundshifter responds:


Very nice my son

Very nice my son reminds me of sitting out on the veranda in Spain on holiday and watching the sunset gkad i heard this....now i wish i was in Spain lol

Soundshifter responds:

lol i;m glad you liked it :) thanks.