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Reviews for "My Love"

Really relaxing.

I think I'm gonna be listening to this a lot since I'm pretty stressed out most of the time right now. It's super relaxing. But although the voices add a nice, cool touch, they make it a little bit less relaxing. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just that it becomes less relaxing which is what I think you strived for here. Otherwise I have no complaints, I love it and it really puts me in a nice mood.

this is whats up yo.

this is the kind of music i can really chill to after a hard day. may the infinitan gods bless you with all kinds of inspiration and may you be comfortable no matter where you go.

i like this song

i heard it on the Streetfighter collab, Ryu's birthday bash, lol was a nice add, keep up the great work, sounds great!

awesome song

it has a mix of animal crossing and the mii menu on the wii and a tab of mario sunshine keep up the great work

oh dude !

this is good stuff really a mood enhancer........do some more even corny ones :P