Reviews for "Cinematic Atmosphere"


Wow thats so beautiful, I keep listening to it now, omigosh..

VNStudios responds:

Thanks! I composed this song for a movie VNSTUDIOS was shooting but we never really liked where it was going so we cut it. But its always fun making music :)

Very nice

Classical indeed, music that just soothes you... very impressive.


This is amazingly good. It sounds really cinematic and sounds like an actual orchestra.


Frightening yet there is an underlying feeling of hope that permeates the air when this is played. Classic fluxuations in a few notes can go a long way and you so took it to the max. 10/10, simply because, it sturs emotions

This song is such an amazing intro tune, i used in my video clash of the Spartans, and plan to use it in many more, thank you for creating this song :-}Ebunnie