Reviews for "JJ1 - Diamondus"

Hey, just saw your reply ;-)

Hey man, i just saw your reply to one of my earlier reviews. And you told me that i should check some of your other songs out =] And feel free to check some of mine out! and drop a review on my latest song, leave an honest one though, i dont wanna get 10's just because i give you ten's because your music is good.

So another video game/cute tune thingy, i love it ^_^ all the effects blend well together, and i like the bass you bring in late in the song, that kind of pitches upwards, makes the song interesting and a little originality to the mix, nice =D

Great construction, perfect for a game, or for an intro, or really as the theme of a game, like for example Super Mario or Mario Cart or something like that, i could actually picture this as the background music for when you pick the course on Mario Cart, i understand that this is a game remix, but i never played that game so =P

Current Score
4.35 / 5.00 (+ 0.076)


I fav'd this one! and ima fav you to =] remember to fav me as an artist if you really like my music! =D

Great little tune, great work on it =]

Thank you for your time.


TheDevilZ responds:

Ill be checking out your music right NOW! :)
Again, thanks for your great review, its greatly appreciated.
I love doing videogame remixes but i like doing my own music too :)

Be tuned to hear more mixes and other songs.
Ill check out your music now!


Great choice!

This game was awesome! Great job on the song man! I need to see if I can find this game now!

TheDevilZ responds:

Thank you! The game IS awesome :)


Very nice :).

I think I've heard this before, I like to search for JJ2 remakes ;O.

Be sure to check out my other remakes (not so many good ones but I'm relatively pleased with them).

Thanks for showing me this, keep it up :D!

TheDevilZ responds:

will do, and thanks for the review! :D


I remember playing this game at my Grandmas house on one of her computers when I was jsut a kid I wish I had thoughs games to the story and game play were totaly epic great Remix my frnd

TheDevilZ responds:

Thank you very much! the game is great :)

sounds pretty cool =)

the mastering contain distorting parts when the mainsynths play ( maybe that is because I have cheap headphones )

but I don't care about =)

I love the hall effect and the paradise flare in it ^^

TheDevilZ responds:

^^ thanks xD