Reviews for "Wizard Tower"


Very nice, i really like this style!
there is just one think that bothers me, what is the reason you did not draw the roots of the tree?

just wondering ;)

Xaltotun responds:

Heh, at first I did but I didn't like the result. So I just removed them and pushed the tree back.

haha call me a nerd but...

first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was runescape from when I was a kid haha I remember there was like a wizards tower and it looked something like that haha
anyway good work really enjoy the colors and how you did the basement keep it up :3

beyond awesome

i love the dead guy at the bottom of the tower


I like it. I gave it 10/10 even after reading other reviews that point out about the missing tree roots, but the tree could be in the background and therefore not part of the cross section meaning that the missing tree roots aren't really missing. Good art.

I love this piece, but I really wish I could've seen the roots from the tree!