Reviews for "Wizard Tower"

That house...

..is not going -UP-(do to the balloons) ... haha reminds me of Merlin's tower in the Sword in the Stone Cartoon. Kewdos


Very nice! I love the colors, the lighting, and the shading on this, and of course, all the details. I agree that you should have done the tree's roots, though, seeing how you decided to do all the other underground stuff. That's not a big enough beef to lower your score, though. Awesome art, sir.


Very nice, i really like this style!
there is just one think that bothers me, what is the reason you did not draw the roots of the tree?

just wondering ;)

Xaltotun responds:

Heh, at first I did but I didn't like the result. So I just removed them and pushed the tree back.

i like it

i don't know what to say, but i want to rate it a 10


Such a brilliant picture, I love the amount of detail and the little touches like the plant/mailbox with the roots. good job man :)

Xaltotun responds:

Thank you! I really enjoy drawing the details.