Reviews for "Wizard Tower"

Pretty good

Aside from the missing tree roots the hilt of the sword is askew of the blade itself. Not bad over all though.

Well, well, well, an excellent work...

...apart from the fact that there were NO roots... which is something you must have noticed after all these reviews, but I anyway wanted to just tell what I disliked. :D

Actually, it is a unique drawing! You should keep it up and bring us more fantastic artwork in the future...

beyond awesome

i love the dead guy at the bottom of the tower

Tower fun!

Very excellent work, it looks like it's from a video game or could be used for a childrens book. Awesome!

haha call me a nerd but...

first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was runescape from when I was a kid haha I remember there was like a wizards tower and it looked something like that haha
anyway good work really enjoy the colors and how you did the basement keep it up :3