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Reviews for "Whack A Dicklett!"


Nice usage of the sound

Funny game

This is a good little but simple game, it kept me frustraited as i wasnted to kill those little things but i liked it, maybe by making it less hard at times like with differant levels would be nice, maybe not so hard atfirst but have it get harder later progressing

less hard at first then progress to be harder later

Fun yest simple game



SOMEBODY invented about killing those assholes. there anoying in diglets cave and what gets me more anoyed that there in explores of sky

My Scores

139 whacked, and 116 misses. NOT BAD!

Loved killing those damned Digletts

Killed 91 on my first try with only 156 misses:P

Can't say this homage to a particular arcade game and Pokemon Episode was poorly done. The game's difficulty perfectly represents the point of Whack a Mole!