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Reviews for "Whack A Dicklett!"


138. Probably not the best but im happy :)

Good fun game, nice graphics and the music was hilarious. I would advise making it harder to hit them though. Perhaps add more holes.

Diglett dig

Diglett dig Diglett dig Trio Trio *WHAM*
take that u annoying you little fuckers
also u should add the "Diglett Dig" thing from the show to the music
more fun in my opinion

It was Ok...

Ways to improve:
1- Instead of time change to kills
2- Add levels and stages
3- Digletts can also attack you

If you followed all of this i ould give you between a 7-10


to many bloody dick heads

Loved this game!

It's so addicting and I never stopped until I got on the highscore list (which I never did). Sometimes when I tried hitting a diglett or dugtrio, it didn't work. It's funny that when you hit a diglett in one spot, another one would appear the moment it died.