Reviews for "Monkey Mischief Night"

Well Done!!


Blordow responds:

lol thanks dude

That monkey laughing...

I dunno why but that monkey laughing cracked me up, awesome work, very random... random is good :)

Blordow responds:

lol, thanks man.. everyone loves the monkeys!


That was perfecto!! Very good humor and excellent use of audio. I just wish there was more storyline to it. I guess I will have to watch the second one. I have never seen Luigi so pissed!! With those moves he could kick the crap out of Mario or anyone else. GREAT JOB!!!

Luigi kicking ass!

Luigi is frickin' awesome, and you just made him better. Those Ukiki's shouldn't have messed with Luigi, cuz in the end, they did get their asses kicked by him. You did a damn good job on this movie. I loved the music. Keep up the good work!

Impressive for it being made in 2004.

This was a nice little flash featuring the cute little monkies from Yoshi's Island which is nice,the framerate was really good with the smoothness i also was fond of the design of the text boxes too,it had a couple of funny moments such as when the monkies threw Luigi in the lake and then Shao Kahn so overall this was a enjoyable sprite flash and was quite impressive for it being made all the way back in 2004 so i will give you a 10 for that.