Reviews for "Monkey Mischief Night"


That was perfecto!! Very good humor and excellent use of audio. I just wish there was more storyline to it. I guess I will have to watch the second one. I have never seen Luigi so pissed!! With those moves he could kick the crap out of Mario or anyone else. GREAT JOB!!!

Random, but funny

Man, I cracked up at the monkey laughter, and the "revenge" sequence was hilarious. Nice animation, great use of sound clips, and the kinda surreal contrast between the art styles helped too.

I'm not saying I understood it, mind you, but it was hilarious anyway.


you're a great animator that was some smooth graphics

Frekin funny stuff

Youre monkeys are awsome, and the randomness to it just makes it all the better! There was like no point to alot of the stuff, which is a good thing in this case. I think this movie turned me into more of a Luigi fan.

good job

i liked it.... very creative.