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Reviews for "Tetris Remix [Final]"

Good enough for a perfetinal to use...

I see cobra used it in T E RT R I S ' D and It is good enough for a video game....
Dude someone should hire you to make music for video games! Good beats, nice techno remix. Good enough to get stuck in my head again.

If This Were A Game Of Tetris...

YOUR SCORE WOULD BE OVER 9000!!!! *enter shoop da whoop joke here*
It makes me want to go find my Gameboy Colour and play over and over and over again untill i puke

Thats a good thing

can't mess up a good clasic.

Good re-mix of the old tetris theme. Just listening to this makes me want to pull out my old Grey gameboy and start rotating blocks.

greate song

you know...you should put this in the original game because this is better than the original

da da da da da da da da. . .

yet another song that loops so well i don't notice when it ends, and then I listen to it for 10 enjoyable minutes. Great remix.