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Reviews for "Tetris Remix [Final]"


this song it's good man 10/10

Parkerman1700 responds:


Best tetris remix

Jesus, I really love your music.
btw i meant to comment that at 0:19 during te switch in background synths, it feel that it gets off beat. Shouldn't the lower synth be the anchor? I feel that it comes back on beat at 0:26 when the strong bass comes in.
Man these are really good drums and Bass.
The progression and variation is just perfection.
Sorry I can't be any more helpful.
Anyways 5/5 10/10 download on my ipod so i can enjoy for days.

Parkerman1700 responds:

Thanks man, your reviews are helpful.

lets play some tetris motherf**ker

yeah nintendo! put this in yo pipe and smoke it! good work!
+kudos (i don't know what they are but i'd give it to ya neways and i'm to drunk to find out...lol)

Parkerman1700 responds:

Yay! Kudos are LULZ!!! ROFLMAOBBQ


great music i really like it!


This music kicks so much ass