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Reviews for "Tetris Remix [Final]"

This audio track is Pretty Good! I first heard it from (Plz dnt kill meh) a geometry dash Level! Nice job! ^_^

Going back about 6 years, or maybe a bit more, I was introduced to you from Cobra's TETRIS'D video. I think this is what started my music career pretty early on in my life. I loved your pieces through 13' and now I decided to go and look back after not visiting your page during 14' and 15'. It's kind of weird listening to something old, but is pretty much the start of what I've done with music for the past two years. It's a nice nostalgia factor that still has me coming back to your page for quite awhile, even though this isn't your best work (obviously).

Way, WAY too many remixes of this song. so many variations, in fact, that hearing a new one makes me cringe more every time. Not that this isn't a good remix, it's just not very original.

I think this song is quite overrated. not that good. the melody never changes. it has one chord proggresion. it is not good at all.

I kinda like it.