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Reviews for "Tetris Remix [Final]"

Damn! Swag!

This song is like nostalgia, it reminds me of the sensation of getting this game for my game boy color
I remember, i was so excited, all the kids in school talked about this game.
I begged my parents to get me a Game Boy and this game. When i got it, the first thing i was with the box was sniff it, i know... But the smell of fresh cardboard... i opened the box, and the game boy box as well, i turned the game boy on, to make sure it worked, and it did, i knew what to do.
I got the cartridge, put it in the game boy, there was some problem, i took the cartridge out, blew in it. Only and army of dust between me and that ultimate puzzle game.
I put the cartdrige in, i turned it on, and played.

Parkerman1700 responds:

Yes. This is the same game I knew the song from. Stay young my friend.

Play this when you play the hardest difficulty of tetris.

This song is like from some video game but I don't know which one so it bugs me. I love the song though.

I Love It.