Reviews for "Fancy Mike - Monsterville"


This is a cool but different song!
it is a bit repetitave though.
still great!
I give it a 5/5 and 10/10!

Scribbler responds:

Thank you. If only Newgrounds had more genres, I could stick this under a different category but no worries. It's an instrumental so yeah, it does have a few repetitions but that's the beauty of it. Thanks for the review and appreciation.

Loved it.

Awesome track. I've got this on the old spliff taking playlist. Great track. Unique. Certain songs just give me a funny feeling when i hear them and this is one of them :) Great work.

Scribbler responds:

I am glad this track gave you that "funny" feeling. Knowing that you got it makes me get a funny feeling.

I was impressed...

Absolutely great.

Scribbler responds:

That means a lot coming from you fabolousbob!!!

The beauty of the power.

The song really is a great song. Seeing it with "Defacing the Lion" probably influenced the way I think of it now, because if I had seen it before, I know it would be a totally different way. The song just puts you in an oldie time mood, like your hearing it from a radio. Then it just bursts into the greatness. Great song. Super song. Pure original song.

I love this

This is so unique!

Scribbler responds:

DJ Q-Bert? Is that you?