Reviews for "Fancy Mike - Monsterville"

Themepark anyone?

A quirky track with lots of flavour, a piece to be listned to.

Well this is diffrent and the ending result, its successful. I like the sound of noises of slight lyrics ,this is a piece with some good mixes. The beat is unusual but funky the feel ,of this is all over the place. The part i liked most is the werid funride ,fairyground sound like you would find at a fairground. The sounds are varied and the mix up works.

The track can suffer from being to strange t,he latter is more better then the start. Its a little hard to make out at times.

Overeall it works.

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I'm sorry, but I really didn't like it too much. It may be that I don't like Hip Hop, but this just really didn't sound good to me and I didn't enjoy listening to it. I have heard your other work and the songs kind of sound similiar in the way. Not in the way that you have copied anything, but just something about them is similar. Again, I'm sorry, but I really didn't enjoy it too much.


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Scribbler responds:

Wow, "I didn't enjoy listening to it." Haha, maybe it was worded wrong but that really hurts. Thanks for reviewing still, though I would have appreciated some actual critiquing though I understand that you know little about Hip Hop.

Loved it.

Awesome track. I've got this on the old spliff taking playlist. Great track. Unique. Certain songs just give me a funny feeling when i hear them and this is one of them :) Great work.

Scribbler responds:

I am glad this track gave you that "funny" feeling. Knowing that you got it makes me get a funny feeling.

weird, lol

I'm not sure what to make of this.
it was soothing at one point, then it jumped onto the wind instruments.
it kinda clashed in my opinion.
but i liked the soothing part..
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Scribbler responds:

Well I am sorry you only like one portion of the song. The transitions were for variety. Since this is an instrumental track, it is my job to make it sound complete and full. Thanks for the review.


Don't care much for hip-hop, but this is a pretty sweet song. Awesome job. I like it.

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Scribbler responds:

You don't have to like the genre to like a song and I think you understand that. A+ Thanks.