Reviews for "Fancy Mike - Monsterville"

Beatles meets Frankie Valli

Saw this track in the flash. It's great.

Strawberry Fields Forever & Can't Take My Eyes off of You put together yields Monsterville.

The only problem is it's too short :)

Scribbler responds:

Never thought of it that way... Gee, thanks Ashi-Starshade.


I love this beat. Its one of those melodic, calming, and pensive beats that you can relax to yet is still upbeat and fun. I like the way you described it in the comments. I don't know whats going on with everybody else's comments but this sounds great. It goes from catchy to triumphant to smooth and doesn't get boring because of its short duration and constant changes. Bravo!

Very Enjoyable...

Now, when I first heard this and heard the "clang" noise come into play over what I felt was a perfect sample at the start I wasn't really enjoying it. However, I listened again and understand; personally I don't see why the reviews below state that this is so repetitive? In terms of Hip Hop and music as a whole the thing that I enjoy most about your style is it feels as if you're writing your beats for a movie that hasn't been made yet -- sort of in the vein of how El P produces his beats. Very well done.

P.S. I'm still working on that track over your Heavy beat. Should be done by the end of this month!


It has quite a funky feel to it, but I didn't like the changes to the "flutes" (well, they sound like flutes...). It somehow doesn't really fit in there. Maybe the change from that "big band feeling" to the "one flute player feeling" is too big.

Also, the song is somewhat repititve. Some more parts would be very nice to have here. Maybe even some lyrics, but those wouldn't fit that good into your "marching band" theme, I guess.
But sound samples would still work here.

The song didn't loop that good, which is also a small minus. The change from the end to the beginning sounds too abrupt.

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I'm not sure

It's kind of repetitive and I'm not entirely sure if the notes are all properly tuned together. It sounds slightly random, so needs some work to pick it all up together and give this piece some form.

It doesn't loop well either, which means I'm going to have to say that we need more variation in it and it needs to be around 3 minutes long to get everything firing correctly.

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