Reviews for "Chunky Castle Crashers"

I wish the game looked like that

from little square dudes to giant bad ass ones nice job

Very nice balance and textures...

I say balance simply because you encompassed the main elements of all the warriors on their respective sides, definitely feels like they are ready to kick some ass.

I think they might be too epic though.


Axe looks strange and so does the skin but it is VERY finely polished, but most all other aspects that I can currently see have lots of work in them. This is just me but I like how you didn't smooth out the cloth lines and stitches. But I think the red helmet looks too rounded and the yellow flame a little too much to the right.

Love it!!!!

I like how it has all of them showing their powers with weapons in the game.Like how the fire guy looks like he ate the sandwich in the picture.


This is a great piece of art my friend! I'm a fan of the game myself even got the Xbox verson and I think this drawing givs great prosonofication to it's charecters!