Reviews for "Dare you read!?"

Excellent work!

i want to read this comic so much
very nicely done, kudos to you

Awesome!!!! So awesome!!

i guess the old stuff never gets old!!(get it!! old!!) this is so awesome that if you actually made a comic book out of this it maybe bigger thanGO, AWESO marvel comics!! (maybe) but this cover alone got us all curious to see what else you have in store for us!! GO, AWESOME!! (sorry i thought that was funny!)

This is great!

Very 50's!

Brilliant retro send up!

I love the look and style of this! :)

It really reminds me of the classic Pre-crisis Superman and "Strange tales" type of pulp comic covers. The inking, the tag lines and dialog, and presentation all are extremely authentic. I'd read a ton of these if you made them. Keep up the good work man.

That was great

I like everything about this, the art and style is great, and the joke with pbot and pico's crazy problem is pretty funny.