Reviews for "(2004) Peter the pickle!"

Yet again another brilliant masterpiece!

man you are soooooooo good. I wonder if you could check my claymation out (sorry if i used your style but its my first time and its the easist). Its called Marshmallow Slaughter. But enough about that, your sooooooo good at this stuff!

dude your work is so f*****g cool

knox (robert your stuff is so kool im loving it
by the wat when do you reckon villain will be done?

Once again...

You made a funny movie! Keep it goind Knox! I intend on buying "Off the Table" soon. Cya later!

whre is the pickle

i love peter the pickle and ,because i have a sticker maker i have fot a car sticker with peter on it. no lie. but i was wondering this was great inall but where has he gone in the past year or so?????
if i dont see the pickel a tear might go down my face dammit


anyone who is readin dis should know that peter the pickle is awsome, plezzzzzz knox make more with peter the frickin pickle................ just wanted to get that out in the open..... sorta heh