Reviews for "(2004) Peter the pickle!"

Peter is KOOL!!!

Love your Clay Anime KNOX!!!! Great Stuff!!!

Which voice did Dan do? Was he Peter the Pickle?


For a claymation that was pretty damn funny.

"Why do i have to be so damn fat"

Improv is awesome. I mean seriosly its gotten you this far. Your the best klaymator in newgrounds. One question, did you right a script for KW:OTT? or is it all improv

"Are we being robbed by a pickle?"

My favorite one yet, Knox. I LOVE claymation. It rules!! But what's up with the fat dude that can't get up...?

A pickle!!??

I didn't get it to be honest. I don't like the picke either, the klayppl are funnier. You can do better,but that's just my opinion.