Reviews for "It's Raining Mega Men!"

Very Creative

This picture is very well done. Showing off the differences across the generations of Megaman and Zero is very obvious. There is detail all around and shows a lot of effort.

I could go on forever, but I'll make it short; this is just fantastic! Keep up the good work!

10/10, Flawless!

Wavechan responds:

thanks for your review! :) *hugs!*


This deserves to be front paged NAO. Incredible.Wait...LOL!!!I need my umbrella XD!

Amazing as always!

Haven't checked your work in a while and here it is; still great as ever! I'm very happy to see the other Mega's and Zero's in this one and feel like it was a good choice! (Rockman.exe's slender and black body wouldn't have fit well with the group IMO)

I hope to see more of your work and the improvements that you go through!



Megaman Classic, X, Zero 1, Zero 2, Volnut, Ashe..

and Vent/Aile. Ur missing battle network D;