Reviews for "It's Raining Mega Men!"

I absolutely love your work

The shading and detailing is absolutely fantastic. The scene is just orgasmic. Also... Marry me =D ?

Wavechan responds:

aww, haha, thanks for liking :) I'm taken though XD!


I hate to be the guy to clean up after their mess. That's a lot of Mega Men, and their Busters!!
Great work!!

Wavechan responds:

I wonder how big the explosion would be if they ever all charged up their shots together :D

This is pretty cool but you forgot to add Megaman.EXE in the picture.

Wavechan responds:

oh :( unfortunately we weren't allowed to draw Battle Network or Starforce in our pictures for the Megaman Tribute book... so weird huh, even though Capcom owns it, haha.

Very Creative

This picture is very well done. Showing off the differences across the generations of Megaman and Zero is very obvious. There is detail all around and shows a lot of effort.

I could go on forever, but I'll make it short; this is just fantastic! Keep up the good work!

10/10, Flawless!

Wavechan responds:

thanks for your review! :) *hugs!*