Reviews for "It's Raining Mega Men!"


nice pic, i will give you the 10 if you put bass, and protoman

Megaman Classic, X, Zero 1, Zero 2, Volnut, Ashe..

and Vent/Aile. Ur missing battle network D;

I love how you included volnut in this. (:

Megaman Legends was a fantastic series, I'm sad to still not see a third one made. It's good to see someone recognizing it. (:


I thought it was raining men not raining megaman lol.Guess the jokes on me.

SUGOI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

I like amnesia Zero better than MegaMan X's Zero but I still like both ^^ I really like how you drew most of all of Capcom Megaman chararcters!~

Two more things:
1. How long have you been drawing and colouring anime??
2. I can so see Giro's ghost laughing at Vent in the WAY back ^^