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Reviews for "Super Mini Smasher"


i got 20170 points. oh that was a nice game really smooth.

Really nice game

It was really nice, a bug was that you could just go in the one direction forever. Try making it so it gets harder during time, that was to easy

WAy too Easy

Cool game but need to change some stuffs,
1. If you do a game like this, try not to let the guy get out of the screen, make severals levels (its too easy), more ennemies...etc....
2. or you can make a game like mario, going around smashing boxes and ennemis...


Its a nice little game, but definatly needs improvment. For one, try making different enemies that run along the ground or something that like. Two, different levels. And finally make it harder, it was way too easy.

zzz is it over?

Way way way to easy man. i got abnout 1145 or sumit like dat and decided to quit, it needs some variety maybee some little aliens runnin around on the ground forcin you to jump and stuff like that. All this is, is run,bash,run,bash,run,jump,bash,bash,run,run,bash