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Reviews for "Super Mini Smasher"


kinda boring after a while and your lazer beam looked like my grandmas kodeen pills

very nice little game

the game was great fun, and was presented beautifully. The only thing I found was that it never seemed to get any harder. Maybe if there were other things that you had 2 hit (spiders for example) and if they touched you they would knock a life off. Just to add a little more difficulty to the game!?

mmmm smash

lol i liked it lol... any game where i can smash things if a good game(gee dont take a lot to plz me) lol but yea only thing it needs is more lvls and suff

It was fun

It was fun and the graphics are nice. But I'd like the game somewhat harder


That was a very good game you made. I liked how it got harder as I progressed in the game. Keep up the good work!!