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Reviews for "Super Mini Smasher"

nice one

it get boring after a while. But i can see you have put quite a lot of effort into it and the graphics are as good as any game boy game! You could have it registered on a game boy game. But i think they might turn it down because it isn't very original. That is the only down point. Otherwise i liked it!
Pretty neat.

Very boring after 5 seconds

Too repetitive! The same thing over and over and over again! It's driving me crazy. At least add some lvl, or other weapons you can buy. And like that dude said before me, it'd be nice to hit the space ship. Otherwise. It was ok

Way WAY wAy to repetitive...

Some pointers to help u out if when he jumps he culd hammer the spaceship and if when u reach a certain number of points the spaceship goes faster and faster and there needs to be lvls and maybe some goodies in the boxes like the hammer from SMB(super smash bros) and maybe some things running across the ground like babie aleins or sumthing other than that GJ

Well, a whole adventure would be good!

If you give me the .fla via email i can fix it.
This was very good but i can make a whole game of it.
jocke93_ahlfeldt@hotmail . com is my email (of course without spaces)

nice one

its really good but would you rather put it in a adventure game.go and smash monsters.defeat bosses.cool huh?well next time make an adventure game.ok?well keep up the good work.