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Reviews for "Demo 2003"

i liked it

i liked it, the graphics were not bad at all and it wad a bit funny keep the good work up:)

This film was amazing

This was very good. The graphics are nice and the film itself looks great. It was auesome!!!!

I wish i had more hands...

so i can give that last post 4 thumbs down. The flash was amazing, and you seem to have an eye for good trailer-like flash. Damn skippy goodness!


what? what? what? what? make the tele tubby one. YyyyyEeeeeeeeeeeeAaahh

fourchinnigan responds:

Click other submissions---
choose Miracle Explosion Ep#06

death BY Teletubbies? thats a new idea.

in the sense of them growing claws and slashing your head off, as opposed to how they kill you when you're forced to watch them because of your niece/nephew/kid wants to (ever seen them on tv? makes me wanna shoot myself) but outstanding! I liked it man, more death, and more sense making :) I Know it's a demo, but hey.