Reviews for "My Little Rageface & Friends"

A "Forever alone" face would compleat it

good job anyway bro. love it!

Current score: 2.75/5.00?

The bigger part on Newgrounds really seems to hate MLP:FiM, huh?
Because this is very well done, and i think it deserves a better rating! :)

I had a good laugh about it, the altered logo suits perfect and the faces also match the characters.

What exactly is Derpy Hooves' face intended to express? Is it self-referential to the show, or rather embarrased by the others?
Maybe the Me Gusta face would have suited to Spike as well, but then you wouldn't have the joke between him and Rarity('s face) anymore. Maybe exchanging Derpy's and Rarity's faces could have worked as well, the derped Rageface would have been a funny alternation i guess.

Uhh well anyways, certain is i like this image, and i also enjoyed your other art submissions like the Amber Lamps retro game, or the Futurama Cartoon Network style. You're really good at altering stuff like that, keep up the good work!


I can name them all!


This is epic material.

people will think this review is useless

they do.